We want to be the 1st site people come to for outdoor lifestyle guide. Everything must be perfect for every type of young Bangkokians, from refined epicures, street food lovers, fashionistas to vivid lifestyle addicts. Thanks to prior user behaviour analysis which informed that BKKMENU’s audience mainly visit our website via mobiles, information access on smaller gadgets must be easy and effective.


Great Content Quality
Triumphs All

Content with great quality will infuse social media sharing and increase traffic. That’s our way of building everlasting popularity.

Refreshing And
Warm Design only displays monochromatic black and white background with a hint of warmly refreshing earthy green. The cleaner and more modest the web design is, the more opportunities there are for each content to shine.

An Absolute
Photographic Beauty

Knowing that photos are the best persuasive tools, every photo on is styled and taken by our professional photographers. The overall tone of every picture is kept harmonious to ensure the smoothest browsing experience.

Jumping Through Articles
With Tags and Filters

Users can choose what to and what not to browse with our tagging system. From locations, types of food, types of restaurants, to newly-opens, we have them all. Not to mention that there’re BKKMENU’s gimmick: Editor’s Pick, We Recommend, and We review.

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Bangkok’s latest trends, all in one place.

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