Our client wanted to make a comeback after its factories in Thailand were damaged due to the major flood incident in 2011, resulting in manufacturing and distributing hiatus. It aimed to reform the whole brand and product line, changing the name and overall identity from Calpico Soda to Calpis Lacto. It is our greatest duty to help this lactic drink giant from Japan roar back and retrieve its market share, targeting young people and soft drink lovers through online channels.


Polka Dot is Back

Polka dot print on white and blue canvas is Calpis’s signature. And to stake down the new brand identity into people’s hearts, we came up with many edgy campaigns to get both the new look and flavours recognized. We partnered with Cheeze magazine, iberry, and aFter You dessert cafe, VRZO, and brought many creative campaigns under the Polka Dot theme to life.

Say Cheeze!

We collaborated with Cheeze Magazine, the most popular street fashion magazine in Thailand with over 450,000 readers nation-wide, to bring back the polka dot craze. Under the name “Polka Dot Issue”, Cheeze 115 presents Calpis Lacto’s distinct identity to give its return a warm welcome.

In Search of Our
“Sweet & Sour Girl”

We developed a campaign for Calpis’s Sweet & Sour Girl contest. The winner would get to have their own fashion set featured on Cheeze magazine and get to shoot an advert with Calpis Lacto.

Go Icy Cold & Bubbly with iberry
aFter You Limited Editions

To encourage product trial, we partnered with iberry and aFter You, the 2 popular dessert houses, to create Calpis-flavour ice cream and drink, which are going to be on sale for a limited amount of time. We can proudly say that we are the only company who successfully organised a partnership with iberry, a Thai-national homemade ice cream and dessert house.

Sparkly and Fun Episode with VRZO

Targeting teenagers, we chose VRZO to produce a Calpis-concentrated episode for us. The video featured main sponsor tie-in, a cooking session using Calpis Lacto products, and a backdrop design using Calpis print. The video received over 1 million views as of 6 October 2015.

Online Activities for
Sweet & Sour People

We have been organizing many fun activities which our Facebook fans could participate online since 2013. The activities are fun, creative, and easy to understand and take parts in.

144,000 Likes and Counting

We have built the brand from scratch and its popularity today can never be achieved without good content, appropriate activities and right media management. From setting up the page, monitor it, producing and developing creative and well-connected content, to media buying, every single element of the plan helped Calpis Lacto get back its popularity