dtac Business

dtac Business is a microsite that supports corporate customers. We need to adjust design according to the current CI of dtac.

Launch: 7 December 2018



With the change in content and design, we have to keep in mind that our website must be easy to use and easy to read. It also needs to create lead segmentation that separates clearly between an individual customer and corporate customer.

Challenges Challenges Challenges Challenges


Less For The Better

We reduce steps for user access to only essential groups of content.This way visitors can stay focused and find all the answers they need.

Communicate Like
How We Talk

Even though dtac Business aims to attract corporate customers, that doesn't mean formal language always works. To collect more leads, we need to communicate like a human. We can deliver our message better through pictures as well.

Don’t Miss A Single CTA

We embed call-to-actions in strategic places. Not only they guide our users through the journey, but they also capture more leadswith CTAs that are intuitive which slip in at the right time.


Technicality Made Easy

We’ve laid out an infographic of how a product works, combined with the benefits. It is to make sure that our ordinary users canunderstand technical content.