THE WISDOM is one of the highest ranking credit cards by KBank offering privileges that are beyond privileges. Long story short, the absolute best.


Launch: 5 September 2017



To convey one of KBank’s highest ranking credit cards’s brand character for its target audience as well as to be another communication channel for cardholders to read exclusive articles, search for curated privileges as well as make a reservation for one.


Word of WISDOM

We carefully design all menu names to be more comprehensive so users will use no time to interpret those names. The navigation bar was re-designed for an easier and quicker access. All privileges and services contents have been rewritten concisely.

True Grid

Everything is in place using precise grid system to layout the content. This gives users not only the clean and friendly-to-use look but also conveys the brand’s trustworthiness.

Answer All Needs

No matter what kind of device users use to navigate the site, content and functionality will display accordingly. Doing so is not as easy as it looks. We have to carefully think of how users can navigate through the site, looking for privileges, finding the nearest lounge, or reading an exclusive article, it has to be done promptly and conveniently.