KTC offers a complete range of credit cards and
personal loan services for every lifestyle and need
under a spirit of “The Courage to Choose What is Right”.

Launch: 6 July 2017


From almost a hundred of credit cards, a new customer can easily choose which one to apply for. Plus thousands of privileges for current cardholders to benefit for from an easy navigation and search functions.

Tidy Up the Nav Bar

We re-organized, re-grouped and renamed all product and service menus so they can be more comprehensive and visible to the users. This also helps take them to where they want in a much shorter time.

Never-ending Privileges

KTC credit cards offer more than 17 categories of privileges which have to be displayed properly or users will never find the right one. So we came up with the new privileges filter for direct and easy access. We consistently design this part carrying the same mood and tone throughout in order for users to learn new things on the new website quickly.

Easier Than Ever!

Becoming KTC credit card and KTC Proud members hasn’t been easier. With less complexity and simpler form, users can complete signing-up quickly. The revamped design also allows KTC to feature the key promotions for particular period of time.

Feature the Features

KTC has over 70 different credit cards but there were only chosen 8 popular and top-rated credit cards to be featured. The featured cards were portrayed using key visuals and highlight privileges to create more impact and conversions.

Get the Business Going

KTC has many payment processing solutions which can boost up business sales. All of which have been presented in a cleaner design yet eye-catching presenting only key features of the service to attract potential customers.

KTC On the Go

Isn’t it good to feel the power in your hand? Well, it definitely is for mobile users to do everything on the their phones. We handcrafted responsive design and user interface design for mobile users to fulfill every need they might have using a mobile to access KTC website.