Unlike traditional banking services, ME by TMB’s website is the bank itself, its branches at premium department stores are just extensions. ME by TMB wanted everyone to understand how it works, see its pros and, ultimately, subscribe to their service. It is a 24/7 online service so the site must be perfectly accessible on every gadget.


The Website
IS the Bank

Giving that all ME’s financial transactions have to be made online by account holders themselves, ME’s website is the headquarter of the bank. The ME website must have answers to every customer’s question.

Color ME

ME lets every of its customers choose the color of their ME cards, so why not make it happen on their website as well? Users can choose whatever color they like that reflects who they are. As we said, it’s all about ME.

100% Content Revamp

Endless and usually unread flood of information was de-complicated. We are famous for producing easy and straightforward content and that’s great for expanding the public’s understanding towards a new product like ME. We wrote everything on the website from scratch.

Call-to-actions are Everywhere

Is there anything more powerful than call-to-actions buttons at the right time and the right place? None.

24/7 Online Service Means All-screens Perfection

With responsive web design, users can take their banks with them wherever they go. Finance has never been this simple.