Mitsu Leasing

Mitsu Leasing is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Thailand, providing leasing services for Mitsubishi cars. In order to raise awareness and collect more leads for leasing services, a helpful website plays important role on this mission.

Launch: 9 November 2018


Without prior digital presence, Mitsu Leasing had the need to build an online home to host necessary information to be helpful for customers who is looking for a leasing service which will finally become our leads. The new website will also act as a hub for collecting data to be optimized for marketing strategy.


The Web that Really Works

We usually not only focus on the design, but also the functionalities. In this case, we are aiming for lead conversion. Useful information and features have been provided in order to help visitors with their needs which helps increase more chance to convert them into leads.

Content that Really Helps

We group customers into stages from the car-buying journey to create content that serves well to customers in particular stage. Tools and useful information have been provided strategically to answer customer’s needs no matter which stage they are in.

Offer, Offer, Offer

We know that our visitors land on our website for many reasons, so we created offers that would meet their expectations. This helps convert visitors into leads and nurture them to become our customers.

Know Your Customers

We know that people take different paces before buying a car, so we make sure that everyone can take their time to consider the purchase and express their doubts. Be there for them when and where they need.