Muang Thai Life Assurance wants to take another big step towards being a digital insurer. The new website should offer ease of use, effective package search, and support both customers’ and agents’ needs. Insurance must also be purchasable online.


Get Protected, Buy Your
Insurance Online

The insurance e-commerce we designed is the quickest and most effective shopping experience that users will ever have. It only takes a few clicks and they’re all yours.

Calculating Premium
is No Longer Complicated

Insurance premium can be a difficult concept to grab on, but not here. We calculate everything for our users so they’ll be notified how much they have to pay for how long before deciding to make actual purchase.

More Effective
Products Comparison

Our product compare tool lets users see up to 4 products at a time. The information is also simplified to the easiest terms so users can clearly see which one is the best answers to their needs.

Find Your Nearest Hospital
and Muang Thai Branches

Getting to your nearest hospitals and Muang Thai branches is convenient like never before. Check it out and see for yourself.

Content Consistency = Happy Customers

The whole website content goes on the same direction so users don’t have to learn new things.