Prinsiri wanted to break away from the old and embrace the new. Prinn is their first high-end living project, and the website has to reflect just that. Prinn targeted customers who are 40 years old and up, who, most of the time, are not very tech-savvy, so the ease of use is the main goal here.


Even Non-Techies Can Get It

Knowing that Prinn’s target are the pre-digital-age people, Prinn’s website was made to involve no complicated functions. No confusing situations, no fuss. Everyone is happy.

More Icons, Less Words

Icons are a common visual language that rids off the language barrier and bridges every generation together. We foresaw that the use of visual communication will capture our target’s attention the most and, in the same time, ease up their understanding. Pictures do, indeed, say a thousand words.

One Story at a Time

Straight to the point content captures the most attention, therefore, Parallax Design,
which tells one story at a time, was employed. We believe that this is the most effective tool
to make our target audience understand Prinn better.

Design Consistency

The website correlates greatly with Prinn’s other PR materials. Icons, colors, styles, they were there for a reason.

The Air of Luxury

The variations of the color green represent both luxury and sustainability. Two main shades were darkish green and golden green, and both interplays perfectly on a white canvas.