SAPPE is already out there flying in the beauty drink market, but our clients wanted to spark up some excitement to get the brand going. The goal here was to reach target views for each promotion campaign and fortify brand awareness.


1 Month 1,000,000 Views

So we had 1 month to make the music video “Beauti...ful Girl” by Golf Fukling Hero Feat. Surachai Sombatcharoen reach 1 million views on YouTube. The correct media planning is everything so we’ve got our best team geared up and ready to go. We used websites that are frequently visited by our target as mediums to post the video and make it reach more people. And in the same time, Facebook ad, online activities, and tie-in social posts were also used to billow out the popularity. With the right planning and strategy, the 1 million view count was reached even before 1 month and today the number continues to go up to as high as 3 million.

Fan Out Brand Awareness
with Thai Beauty Bloggers

Choosing the right representatives is critical to the building of brand awareness. Due to the fact that SAPPE targets women who care about their looks, famous beauty bloggers from, the number 1 online makeup community in Thailand, were chosen for product sampling and reviewing SAPPE Beauti Shot, a new product at that time. We affirmed that bloggers should review the product on the rule of honesty, no fawning, no exaggeration. And we believed that this will create positive impact on both the product and the brand itself.

Interactive videos with Ananda Everingham

Our job here was to maximize the potential of YouTube ads and make sure SAPPE’s interactive videos with a Thai superstar, Ananda Everingham, reach the target view. Due to the videos’ interactive nature, which induces continuous clicking to the next videos, the campaign was able to build decent engagement among fans.