Tesco Lotus Blog

Everything you need to know about home and living specializing in food, recipes and useful tips around the house presented in clean and simple design with beautiful pictures in interesting and trending topics. Updated regualrly.

Launch: 15 December 2016



To refresh the look of Tesco Lotus Blog and also plan on the trending and more interesting topics to effectively attract the target audience as well as to add some new features that will make the site more friendly for users to get the most out of the blog. This also acts as an additional sales leading channel to generate more sales both at physical and online stores.




New Blog, New Name

We came up with the new name “Blog-lao-gao-sib” and designed the new logo to represent the new blog.

Organize, organize, organize!

The page layout was re-designed to deliver easier access to contents. Call-to-actions have been placed where appropriate for users to continue to shop online or find the branch.

Mobile First

Views to websites from mobile devices is increasing worldwide. Most people find it easier to unlock a phone or tablet than to start computer, so why not serve your audience better via the method they are using.

Never-ending Interest

Before users finish reading what they are reading,
the system will automatically suggest related content that likely to attracts the users to continue reading. Keeping them engaged.