Our client wanted to create user-friendly website portal that would link all sites under Tesco Lotus together They wanted to put emphasis on their weekly promotions and create better understanding towards their own-brand products. Also, the website users must be able to locate Tesco stores easily in order for them to travel to the destination and shop.


All Sites Under
One Umbrella

The new website has to be the web portal that houses all Tesco Lotus sites together. When a link to other Tesco Lotus businesses is clicked, a brief description of the destination is shown before entering.

Showcase Tesco Lotus’s
Own Brands

Sharing ambition and inspiration behind each Tesco Lotus’s own product will resolve the brand’s need to make their in-house goods more well-known.

Know Clubcard in 1 Page

Simple and straight to the point content captures more attention from users with no prior knowledge of what Clubcard can offer. Parallax Design, which present one message at a time, is the tool for storytelling that we used to encourage card subscription.

Going to Tesco Lotus
has never been easier

The store locator we designed will detect where customers are and lead them to any Tesco Lotus store they wish to go.

Manage Large Data in a Few Clicks

Our back-office is extremely easy to use and is perfect for every user. We listed all discounted products and showed how much customers could save. There are more than 1,000 products undergoing weekly promotions that
we needed to take care of and our CMS certainly made everything easier.