Thanachart Connect

Thanachart Connect is a mobile banking application launched by Thanachart Bank. This microsite is designed to create awareness and educate the audience how to make the most out of the app.

Launch: 1 October 2018


The challenge for this microsite is to create a new user experience, we can call it “All New” experience, to increase number of app downloads and also minimize call center traffic by providing all the answers regarding the app on this website. Also, make it easy for the users, both potential and current users to understand how powerful this app is.

Challenges Challenges Challenges



From text-based, we focus more on visual guideline. Pictures always come in handy when it comes to instructions. Screenshots were used to make it easier to understand. Together with tutorial videos, clean design and friendly elements such as icons, visual graphics, screenshots, help answer most of the questions that users usually have.

Tidy up the mess

No more struggling to find the right answer to your question. Grouping all content in proper categories and re-writing the whole thing help users digest the information quicker. Simplifying navigation also facilitate users to walk through the website and reach the right destination easier.

Tidy of the Mess Tidy of the Mess Tidy of the Mess
Tidy of the Mess


With the aim to increase number of the app downloads, we have strategically put more call-to-actions (CTAs) that directly take users to download the app including the QR Code for desktop users so they can use their mobile phone to scan and get the app.

More Cats More Conversions More Cats More Conversions More Cats More Conversions More Cats More Conversions
More Cats More Conversions

one for all, all for one

Great User Experience comes with great flexibility. It becomes the most common requirement that website has to be made responsive to all platforms to provide the best accessibility to all users.