Tracing back to 2009 when our 1st version of TMB’s website was launched, the bank was rebranding from Thai Military Bank to TMB Bank Public Company with an aim to be the leading Thai bank with world-class financial solutions and we were honoured to be a part of it. For the 2nd version, to make it parallel with the new corporate goal of establishing TMB as a customer centric organization, the website has to serve every customer’s need. This is by far the largest site we have to develop in terms of information architecture, navigation and programming.


All New Content. Absolutely Revolutionary.

No more tedious financial information that seems to go on forever. We revamped the whole presentation of information on TMB’s website to make sure everything is easy to understand, attractive in nature, and undoubtedly useful.
Goodbye, boring. Hello, beautiful.

Most Functional Tools, Best Experience

Our tools are not limited to calculators only, though we have 8 for those, but we also have live chat, drop-lead contact form, branch locator,
whatever it takes to give TMB’s customers the greatest convenience. It’s customer-centric we’re taking about here.

Easier Access to the Right Products

We made product grouping even simpler by cutting the pie into 3 pieces: personal, SME, corporate, for each type of users to easily access to products made for them. TMB has over 200 products, targeting wide range of customers, from military personnels, normal citizens, to business people. Making targets know that TMB has these wonderful products just for them is critical for conversion.

Correct Call-to-action, Correct Results

Is there anything more powerful than call-to-actions buttons at the right time and the right place? Probably none. Our conversion on TMB’s new website always happen at the right moment, just when our customers want it. This is how real results were made. The happier our client is, the happier we are.

Language of the Ordinaries for Menu

Everyday life language was used to divide products into categories. We avoid using terms that are too difficult for the majority’s understanding, and, instead, opted for simple words like saving, cards, loans, and funds.

Manage Large Data
in Just a Few Clicks

Our Back-office is extremely easy to use and is perfect for every user. As TMB has more than 200 products, and counting, we needed to make our CMS extremely easy to use for TMB’s employees. This is to avoid confusion and ensure perfect outputs.

Currency for Dummies

We developed TMB’s currency exchange tables to be very easy to use both on screen and on mobile. The best part is users can immediately calculate and find nearest stores which offer exchange service right on the spot. No more tabs confusion.

TMB Signature Blue and Red

Like other banks, TMB needs the signature colors that would remind customers of the bank itself. We used TMB’s own shade of blue to interplay as a representative of who they are.A splash of red, another of TMB’s distinction, was also painted on the site to strengthen TMB’s corporate identity.

More Than Just Maps

The bank locator we designed will detect where customers are and lead them to any TMB branches they wish to go. Users can also find branches where special services are available, such as, branches with ATM, currency exchange, SME or international business centers.

Responsive. Fully. Totally.

100 %