VGI is a unique market leader in Thailand providing fully integrated Offline-to-Online (O2O) Solutions offering a 360-degree advertising solution for our clients.

Launch: 23 June 2018



To build trust among the investors and stakeholders and also convey the message that VGI is no longer just a OOH media provider but now a fully integrated Offline-to-Online (O2O) Solution provider. From offline to online and everything in between.


Stylish Style Guide

Keeping the visual design consistent is key. We carefully curated the best fonts, defined proper colors to be used on designs across the website aligning with the corporate identity that speaks “This is VGI”.






Modular Design

Modular Design was implemented to present VGI’s various services in an structured and comprehensive way using a block grid pattern. We like keeping all the pages clean and organized. Short video clips also included in some parts of the pages to create movement and more impact.

Picture speaks louder than words

We sent out our professional photographers to capture VGI media around Bangkok CBD. Then select best pictures to represent each media type and make a statement with these impactful pictures.







Investors are our friends

We are familiar with both investors and SET requirements for a listed company website to meet as we have been doing IR website for clients since forever. Of course, Style Guide has also been used to design the whole IR section to keep the consistency of the website as a whole.







Fully and Truly Responsive

It became our standard not a requirement to develop a Responsive Website as ratio of devices used to access websites dramatically shift to mobile. Our task is to keep the user experience as smoothly as we can in order to deliver the best User Experience throughout all platforms.