Our client came to us wanting their website to be the center of useful information regarding lime and mineral. They want to tell people who they are and what they do in a professional yet friendly way. They hope that being the resourceful content provider would, in return, fuse them up with stronger global reputation.


Lime is All Around You

We went accessible and informative on the explanation of lime production by outlining things step by step in terms that are easy to understand. The use of lime in everyday life was also explained visually to emphasize its importance.

Recognized and Thriving

Being the leader in the lime business, Chememan has been here for a long time. Most importantly, their growth has not stopped but has continued to flourish. We transcribed the company’s amazing performance by putting immense focus on their history and missions.

Green all the Way

Chememan is a company which puts strong focus on sustainable development and they picked their logo color to reflect just that. The company’s corporate green and brown were used in alliance with clean white.