Kingdom of Tigers is a Facebook Fan Page phenomenon with almost 3 million followers. Due to the overwhelming amount of animal rescue requests coming in each day, the community wanted us to develop a website that would serve as the center of animal rescue.


Quick and Easy

Because every activity on this website is a matter of life and death for each animal, the whole system needs to be easy to use and relatively quick. Clear contact detail should always be accessible in just one glance.

Request Categories

From data collection and grouping, the most frequent requests are blood donation, medical expense donation, shelter finding, and lost and found. Users can browse through each case using navigation bar up top and home-page quick filter.

Society of Sharing for Animal Lovers

Social feed of all things going on on Kingdom of Tigers fan page
will be shown on the website to keep all members updated.

Kingdom of Tigers Fan Corner

The very special corner for Kingdom of Tigers fans which allows users to browse adorable Instagram photos of the family’s 9 cats. We’re pretty sure everyone will spend way too many minutes swooning over how adorable and fluffy those little things are.