Buying auto insurance made easier than ever! Quality product brought online by Tokio Marine Insurance Thailand.

Launch: 22 August 2016


To add another auto insurance channel online and make it as easiest as possible for users to buy auto insurance digitally.
Also to promote TMITH auto insurance product under the brand "Drive Dee".



Our Solutions

Friendly to Anyone

“Comprehensive Design” was taken into account in every step of this website development process including navigation, menu and wording in order to facilitate intuitive website usage.



No Type, Just Touch

Distractions have been minimized for users to flowingly focus on auto insurance purchasing. The designs were kept plain and simple.

Easy to Navigate

Only essential menus have been selected to display on the navigation, based on our customer journey research. Menu names are commonly understandable in order to guide the users to the right directions. Nothing is more frustrating than bad signages that point us to nowhere.




Come Back Anytime

Users need a break sometime. The document or information needed in the online form might not in their reach at the moment. Therefore, the “Pend & Save” feature comes into play. Users can save and continue to complete the form where they left off later. No need to re-complete the form from scratch.